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Our department is home to substantial holdings of rare print, maps, archives, and manuscripts, as well as interdisciplinary collections pertaining to geographical, national or cultural regions. Our materials and personnel advance the University’s research mission and spark the minds of its students.

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Missing Pieces – Tracing a Twice-Lost Text

Category: From the Blog

A fragment of an early printed book tells the shifting stories of titles and texts.

Title Engraving of Jason and the Argonauts

New Coffey Residency Fellows Announced

Category: Fellowships and Scholarships

SASC welcomes Denise Bookwalter and Paul Shortt as its sixth and seventh artists in residence for the Coffey Residency in Book Arts.

Amy Richards' The Mollusk (2018)

1821 – The Americanization of Florida

Category: Exhibits

In 1821, Florida became a US territory. A new exhibit looks at the peoples and cultures who lived there.

Andrew Jackson on horseback

WWII Comics and the Panama Canal

Category: From the Blog

As part of the war effort, comic illustrators and their young audiences imagined the Panama Canal as a site of subterfuge.

Uncle Sam defending the Panama Canal from saboteurs

New Video

A panel discussion on the changing interpretation and enduring significance of Fort Mose, first free Black settlement in the present-day United States.

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We promote, preserve, and grow our collections to create new knowledge from old.

A display of pop-up books from the Baldwin Childrens Library

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