Class Visits

We offer experiential, collaborative educational opportunities as a critical part of our mission to advance learning at all levels. These customized offerings allow students the opportunity to explore new subject areas in conversation with UF and Department faculty and staff.

Why Teach with Special Collections?

What can your class do?

Our curators and librarians will work with you to develop content suitable for your class.

  • Presentations on materials either in-person or for integration into your class assignments and discussions.
  • In-depth walkthroughs of course topics from the collections.
  • Lecture followed by examination or discussion of collection items.
  • Multi-visit small group research project with in-class presentations.
  • Semester-long assignments for courses like QUEST.

Integrating our materials will

  • Inspire critical thinking.
  • Reinforce and enhance your course material.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities.

Guidelines and Policies

Sessions may be requested either by contacting an individual curator or collection, or by clicking on the button above. However we ask that all course requests are submitted at least three weeks in advance for visits, and that more involved activities are coordinated while your syllabus is being planned. This will allow the most flexibility and creativity in planning your class.

Please include a syllabus and an approximate attendance with your request, as it will make it easier for us to select and set up materials appropriately. Approximations and draft syllabi are perfectly fine (and encouraged)

Due to heavy demand on our instruction spaces, where possible please include alternate or flexible dates with your request.

All students attending the class will be required to leave bags, pens, coats, food and drink outside of the classroom. They may use computers and pencils to take notes, and are encouraged to photograph collection items with their phones. See the rest of our reading room policies here.

Virtual Visits

We are a resource and a forum for the curious, wherever they are and whoever they may be.

While in-person instruction carries its own unique experience, our collections can and should be used by instructors planning online classes. Our department is working to offer opportunities ranging from walkthroughs of our physical and digital materials to livestreamed discussions of books and subjects.

Presentations and Collection Walkthroughs

  •  Curator presentations of collection materials: Collection curators can provide information on a topic while presenting details of the physical materials on camera, either live via Zoom or as a video recording. These presentations may be general information about a specific collection that can be used for instructional purposes across disciplines. 
  • Instructor guided presentations: Instructors work with collection curators to virtually view materials for their specific class needs. This should be arranged with the curator at least 3 weeks in advance. 

Material for Student Assignments

Follow-up exercises provide a great way for students to conduct small-group or individual projects based on materials they’ve seen in SASC. Selections of material from our collections can be placed on reserve in the reading room or scanned for upload to your course’s Canvas page. If you would like to have students use materials in person, please be sure to remind them to schedule their visits in advance of the assignment due date. They will also have to follow the guidelines for use and access found on our Reading Room Policies page

Materials from our Digital Collections are always available for student assignments.