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Cities of Slaughter

The translation of a famous Hebrew poem, half a world away from the events it described, layered new meanings on familiar fears.

Building the University Auditorium

The Governor told the university to start construction, and simply stop construction once the money ran out. All that was able to be built of the auditorium were the walls, roof trusses, and a composition roof.

A Meeting in Hell

In this months' blog post, a series of photos from the Panama Canal Museum Collection sheds a stark light on the reality of the making of the Culebra Cut, which completed the groundwork needed to bring the construction of the Panama Canal to a close.

On Colombian Cinema

This month's post looks at modern Colombian filmmaking through the holdings of the Latin American and Caribbean collections.

“Political” Theater

Our Popular Culture Curator explores the connections between stage and statehouse in our collection of historical playbills and theater programs.