Pick Up Service for Circulating Collections in Smathers Library (East)

UF affiliated patrons are currently able to request items from the circulating collections of the Latin American & Caribbean Collection and the books of the Map & Imagery Library through the online catalog. You will be notified when your items are ready to be picked up from Smathers Library (East).

We anticipate continuing to provide this service through the Summer A semester. The last day to request materials through the catalog is June 25. The last day to pick up materials is July 6.

Once you have been notified that your items are ready, you may pick up all your requested materials from the Map & Imagery Library entrance on the first floor of Smathers Library (East), Monday through Friday, 10am – 4pm on the first floor of Smathers Library (East). Please call (352) 273-2825 when you arrive. The items will be checked out to you at that time. If you need accommodation because you cannot pick up materials during that window, please email lacref@uflib.ufl.edu. You will have one week to pick up your materials before they will be reshelved.

Instructions for requesting and picking up material 

  • First, to request an LACC/Map Library item, navigate to our website (uflib.ufl.edu) and make a search in the Library Catalog. 
Image indicating to click on "Search" next to"Library Catalog"
  • Once you locate the item in the catalog, you may place a hold on it by clicking on “Request”. If you are not signed in with your Gatorlink account, you will be prompted to do so. 
Image showing search results from Library Catalog and where to click on the "Request" link to select an item for the pick up service.
  • Done! You’ve placed a request. ***Please allow a few business days for processing.*** 

IMPORTANT: It is possible that you will be shown a message that says that you do not have permission to place a request. However, the hold will have been placed regardless. If you are unsure whether the request was made, go to your library account page and click on “View Requests”. This page should list all the titles requested and their current status.  

  • Library staff will then pull the material from the stacks and notify you via Gatormail (@ufl.edu) when your item is ready for pickup. 
  • Once the confirmation e-mail is sent, you will have one week to pick-up that material. Please come during the pick-up window between 10am and 4pm Monday thru Friday. When you arrive, please go to the Map & Imagery Library entrance on the first floor of Smathers Library (East) and call (352) 273-2825. Someone will take your information and check the items out to you at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Map & Imagery Library located in the Smathers building? 

The Map & Imagery Library is immediately to the right of the main entrance lobby, on the first floor of the Smathers Library (“Library East”).  

How long will it take until I can pick-up the books I requested? 

It may take from one business day to up to two weeks for you to get a confirmation e-mail saying that your items are available for pickup.  

The item that I am trying to borrow does not have the green “request” button in the Library Catalog. How can I request it? 

This means that the item was not made available by the Library Liaison in charge of the collection. That may be because the item is non-circulating or is available online through HathiTrust. In that case, you may either use the online resources or set an appointment to use the Grand Reading Room (click to open appointment page). In the latter case, library staff will bring you the material for onsite research use only at the scheduled time. 

What happens if I miss the one week period to pick-up a book?  

The book will return to its collection and you must place another request.  

I requested many books; can I pick them all at the same time? 

You are expected to receive a confirmation e-mail and a one week period for each individual item you requested. You may also check the items currently held for you by the library in our website (https://uflib.ufl.edu/), by clicking on “My accounts” and then on “Library Account”, using your Gatorlink credentials. Under “Request Status”, you will you see “Held” for every item currently ready for pickup. You can use this information to plan your visit and avoid multiple trips.